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As of August 1, 2019 

  Resident Location   Company Name Current Business Content
1 Collaboration Center   INFOGRAM Inc., Kitakyushu Branch Office System development, computer educational services, internet services, and all incidental work related to the preceding items
2   ISHIDA PATENT OFFICE Proxy for application procedures for patents and registration of utility models, designs, and trademarks, consulting services on filing patent applications
3   KOA CORPORATION Information collection and information exchange on electronic parts, sensor elements, and sensor modules, joint industry-academic development
4   PLANTMAKE RISE Development of coating agents for incinerator facilities, development of structural calculation software using 3D scanners
5   KOISHI CO., LTD Experiments and measurements
6   AIM QEL WIZBL JAPAN CO.,LTD Development and research on blockchain technology and information systems that use this technology
7 Semiconductor Center   Security Information Laboratory Systems development and maintenance (24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
8   K2R Inc. Research and development on water generation equipment containing radical species using catalytic reactions
9 IT Advancement Center   Windy Co.,Ltd. Development of software used at hospitals and pharmacies, development of work analysis software used at automobile plants
10   Mishimakosan Co.,Ltd. Development and manufacturing of automatic drug dispensers to remove wrappers and pharmaceutical-related equipment
11   Health Resources Research and Consulting Inc. Research and development of educational systems
12   OHG Institute Co.,Ltd Research and development of clinical tests and clinical testing technology, analysis of biological samples
13   Meiryo CO.,Ltd. Joint research with the Kyushu Institute of Technology on functional resin materials
14 RoboPlus Hibikino Co.,Ltd. Design, manufacturing, and sales of mechatronics, consulting services
15   ITS Inc. Research and development on electronic parts, such as semiconductor integrated circuits
16 Business Venture Support Center BE Corporation Research and development on image processing systems and software
17 Technology for Laboratory Inc. Development and sales of clinical engineering educational equipment and optical transmission bio-signal measuring devices
18 BraTech Co.,Ltd. Development of web systems, academic solution programs
19   sMedio,Inc. Research and development of systems in next-generation broadcasting (advanced band satellite broadcasting)
20   HAKUTSU TECHNOLOGY Corporation. Development of illuminated, energy-saving control systems using wireless sensor networks
21   Hibikino Accounting Office Yamaguchi Certified Public Accountant and Tax Accounting Office (certified public accounting services)
22   AKSystem Co.,Ltd Research and development on applications for new industrial fields, such as techniques to fabricate manufacturing equipment for semiconductors
23   Calsonic Kansei Corp. Joint research with the City of Kitakyushu (Green Electronics Research Institute)
24 Artix,inc Research and development on FinTech and artificial intelligence, research and development on computer software
25 CCAS Co.,Ltd. Research and development on manufacturing systems for modified fly ash concrete
26   HOKOSYA Co., Ltd. Research and development on curved surface wiring technologies using molecular adhesion technologies and high-luminance, highly-reliable LED lighting
27 KAEI TRADING CO.,LTD Research and development on environmental technologies and environmental products for application in China
28   TuSimple JAPAN Research and development, design, and sales of autonomous driving technology for vehicles
29 Mirai Work System,LLC Development of tools to reduce labor and work and related business
30   Organization for Career Education & Support (OCES) Career guidance in secondary education, career education, and education for career counseling
31   Hibito Design Research on impacts and effects influencing a child's future by digitalizing drawings and art created by children and storing them in combination with designs
32   ON GRIT ENGINEERING,Inc. Studies on social infrastructure(structures)and development of diagnostic equipment
33   ENVIRONMENT ENERGY CO.,LTD Development and practical applications of bio-jet fuel, development of high-quality bio-diesel fuel
34   J.A.Mengineering Institute Joint research with Nagasaki University's Graduate School of Engineering and Yawata Electric Machinery Mfg. Co., Ltd. on motor drive technologies and business development based on research results
35 Hibikino electronic corporation Development of electrical field resonance-type bio-sensing and sensing data analysis systems
36 Kankyou Photonics Co.,Ltd. Research, development, and sales of LED light sources for plant growth
37   MATERIAL NETWORK ENGINEERING Co.,Ltd. Research and development on plating processes for reed switch parts
38   Q-Cul LLC. Research and development on embedded software
39 Technology Development   Shikino High-Tech Co.,LTD Design/manufacturing/control of semiconductor equipment, LSI circuit design/layout, other
40   YOSHIKAWA KOGYO RF SOLUTION CENTER Research and development projects on RF-ID
41   C&G SYSTEMS INC. Development of CAD/CAM software for mold design and processing
42   Shabondama Soap Co.,Ltd. Manufacturing and sales of additive-free cosmetic soap, household cleaners, fire retardants, other
43   TORICO LTD Development and repair of electrical parts
44 FILTOM, INC. Development, manufacturing, and sales of cosmetics using placenta extract (placenta fluids from pigs)
45   AISIN SEIKI CO., LTD. Development of elemental technologies, such as image recognition/spatial recognition, and vehicle control
46   KYOTO ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. Development of prototypes and evaluations to establish technical elements for the manufacturing of new sensors
47   Japan unmanned vehicle exploration agency Advancement and dissemination of research on unmanned aircraft as a site for the exchange of knowledge and provision of information on studies, research, and technology improvement for all unmanned aircraft
48 Secure Cycle Inc. Development of general platforms for behavior recognition technologies and security
49   YASKAWA ELECTRIC CORPORATION Robot tests and imitation of human movement
50   Other, 1 company  
                 ※ ●Indicates new business from KSRP ventures(12 companies)

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