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Research Institutes

Promotion of excellent joint research facilities of KSRP attracts not only universities to the campus, but also companies related to semiconductor design and research institutes. In addition, 18 venture companies have been established utilizing research *seeds of the universities of KSRP.

As of August 1, 2019 

  Name of Research Institution Location Research Content
1 Institute of Environmental Science and Technology,The University of Kitakyushu The University of Kitakyushu Strategic promotion of research and technology development in the fields of the environment, energy, biomaterials, information, robot technologies, and others to respond to changes in the global environment and the needs of local society.
2 Kyushu Institute of Technology, Research Center for Next-Generation Power Electronics Kyushu Institute of Technology and Semiconductor Center Research on next-generation power electronics focusing on power semiconductors that can contribute to the development of a low-carbon society, such as the promotion of energy savings and the application of advanced technologies for electric power and natural energy.
3 Research Center for Solar Light Energy Conversion, Kyushu Institute of Technology Kyushu Institute of Technology Research and development on the direct conversion of solar light energy into electric energy or chemical energy,and storage materials and devices to store energy.
4 Kyushu Institute of Technology Collaboration Center Research on robotics and AI
5 Information,Production and Systems Research Center,Waseda University Information, Production and Systems
Research Center, Waseda University
World-class, advanced research and human resources development in the fields of automotive electronics and LSI.
6 Academic,Industrial and Govenmental Liaison Center,Fukuoka University Kitakyushu Industry-Academia Cooperation Promotion Office Collaboration Center Expansion of the promotion of environmental industries through industrial, academic, and government collaboration to match corporate needs of environmental industries and the policies and seeds of municipal governments.
7 HiBD Laboratory Association Collaboration Center and Business Venture Support Center Research and development on the manufacturing of liquid fuel from renewable resources and carbon dioxide.
8 Behavior Assessment Systems Laboratory IT Advancement Center Development of application to check the mental conditions of athletes.
9 Fuzzy Logic Systems Institute Imasato's Laboratory Semiconductor Center and Technology Development and Exchange Center Test studies on information processing systems that apply fuzzy logic.
10 Fukuoka Research Commercialization Center for Recycling Systems Collaboration Center Supporting R&D and business development by industries, academia, government and the public that are engaged in the development of recycling technologies and the establishment of social systems to build a resource-recycling society.
11 Center for Contemporary Art,CCA Kitakyushu IT Advancement Center Research and development on expression technologies through information and communications to create multimedia contents and develop human resources in cooperation with universities.
12 Green Electronics Research Institute, Kitakyushu Business Venture Support Center Research on the design of next-generation power semiconductors, credibility studies, and development of compact power sources. Collaborative research with universities and companies and development of human resources.

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