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Training & Fabrication of IC/MEMS

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Chemical Process Room (Clean Room)

All processes of trial manufacturing of ICs including film formation using silane(Poly-Si, SiO2, Si3N4), ion implanter, dry etching can be implemented in this room. Various experiments using chemicals can be conducted within the draft chamber for acid and organic materials. (Note: Please let us know in advance if you are bringing in chemicals.)

Ion implanter, oxidation/diffusion furnace, sputter, reactive ion etcher, plasma CVD, low pressure CVD, ultrapure water system, etc.

Chemical Process Room Plasma CVD Ion Implanter

Yellow Room (Clean Room)

This is the area for conducting photolithography employing laser beam and ultraviolet. A single exposure and direct patterning can be conducted. The laser pattern generator placed in this room provides highly accurate photomasks. The thickness of films (Poly-Si, SiO2,Si3N4 and resist) can be accurately calculated by analyzing the interference pattern using the film thickness measurement system installed in the room.

Laser beam pattern generator, spin coater, draft chamber, mask aligner, film thickness gauge, pattern length measurement system, etc.

Laser Beam Exposure System Spin Coater and Draft Chamber Mask Aligner

Assembly & Instrumentation Room

This is a space for the evaluation of electrical characteristics of the devices manufactured. Various types of electrical characteristics of transistors can be measured by using a semiconductor parameter analyzer. A manual prober enables you to make electrical performance tests of trial devices by direct-touching of probes to terminals on a chip as well as chips on a wafer. Wiring to ceramic packages can be easily made by a wire bonder. MEMS researchers frequently make use of the equipment here.

Semiconductor parameter analyzer, wire bonder, manual prober, etc.

Micro Process Room

This multi-use room for wire-soldering, manufacturing, performance test, and so on. An original printed circuit board can be made by devices which imprint the designed electric wiring patterns on a Cu-electroplated circuit board.

Manufacturing devices of printed circuit boards, workbenches, tools, soldering bathes, measuring systems (power-supplies, oscilloscopes, function generators, etc.)

Layout Plan Room

Layout design of photolithographic masks is made here by using CAD. Data obtained are sent to a laser direct imaging device through a network and then masks are made.

Layout CAD system

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